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Decal Suppliers:
New! YahooDecal Interest Group:
 Railway Decal Express Agency
The Big Three:
 Champion Decal Company
 Microscale Industries, Inc.
 Wm. K. Walthers, Milwaukee, WI
 Herald King Decal Decals
The Rest of Us:

 Aberdeen Car Shops - Canadian focus, Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway highlight
 Accuen Media -- 1975-1976 American Freedom Train decals
 After Hours Graphics - Decals produced by Chip Coburn for Midwestern railroads
 A-Line, container, vehicle, and intermodal equipment decals
 Atlantic Coast Line/Seaboard Air Line Historical Society decals
 Archer Surface Details - Model Railroad Scale Rivets
 Al Ferguson, Black Cat Publishing, over 200 different decal sets for mostly Canadian RR cars
 Bethlehem Car Works - Various Eastern roads, passenger, caboose, and express cars
 Black Swamp Shops - Decals For Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad, Carbon Black and Burlington Northern covered hoppers
 Blair Line - Lasercut Structures/Signs/Bridges/Graffiti Decals
 Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains - B&M decals not available elsewhere
 Chicago and Eastern Illinois Historical Society (see page 2)
 Chris's Bespoke Transfers - UK Custom Decal Printer
 C-Rail-Intermodal - decals for freight containers - Arran Naird, UK owner
 Custom Traxx - extensive traction decals
 Dan's Resin Casting - Decals for mostly Northeast roads in Z through G scales by Dan Pikulski
 Decal Solutions - from the the Unofficial Airfix Modellers' Forum
 Des Plaines Hobbies, Chicago, IL, extensive S-scale offerings
 East Coast Railroads - Old Norfolk Southern Decals
 Ed's Custom Decals - HO=, N-, and S-Scale custom decal printing
 E.L.S. Trains by Eric Ethridge
 Curt Fortenberry decals, Alaska Railroad and Southeast roads
 Friends of East Broad Top, lettering (decals) for the road in O-, S-, and HO-scale
 Great Decals!, Virginian, RF&P, W&OD, Florida East Coast, and others
 Art Griffin decals, extracted directly from builders' photographs, 1880s-1930s
 G-Scale Graphics of Fort Collins, Colorado - Custom Vinyl Lettering for your models
 Highball Graphics, specializing in New England railroads
 IC "Mainline of Mid-America" 2-bay and 3-bay offset side hopper decals by Michael Livingston
 Illinois Central Gulf Decals by Daniel Kohlberg
 Image Replicas - New York City Subway Decals
 Island Modelworks - Decals for Long Island RR, Metro-North, NYC Transit, Chicago, Staten Island, MARC, and MBTA
 Kadee Quality Products, Inc.
 Don Manlick Decals
 Bill McGonigal, ink jet printer decal supplies
 Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society - Including HO- and O-Scale decals for the railroad
 Michigan Prototype Decals by Fritz Milhaupt, HO decals for the Pere Marquette and related Michigan lines
 Middle Division - Pennsylvania Railroad - Sold through Northern Central Supply
 Missouri Pacific Historical Society - guidance to decals for that road
 Model Memories - Decals for NYC and NH Electrics
 Model Railroad Supply, Monon Ho Scale Decals
 ModelRailroadWorks - Michael Kreiser, European producer of US prototype decals
 Moon Dog Rail Cars - Detail decals for hoppers
 Mount Vernon Shops, Decals for Northeast Railroads, especially Pennsy, by John Frantz, York, PA
 Mullet River Model Works - Car Kits and Decals for Midwestern Roads in O and HO-scale
 New England Custom Rail - New England Toursit Railroads and the Downeaster
 Nickel Plate Models - Specializing in O-scale models of that road
 North Hawthorne Car Shops, decals for NYS&W and other roads, N, HO, and G
 Don Baxter - Portland Car and Foundry - Decals and Models for the Pacific Northwest
 Peach Creek Shops, Laural, MD, C&O "George Washington" passenger car decals and RF&P Governor steam decals (search the site)
 Prime Mover Decals, Boonton, NJ, Susquehanna and Erie Lackawanna decals
 Protocraft Decal Line, O-scale Steam/Diesel transition era, Western focus
 Rail Graphics, custom decal printer
 Rails Unlimited, Milwaukee Road decals by Ted Schnepf
 Reading Modeler - Tom Jacobs offers decals for the Reading
 Roundhouse Hobbies, Monroe, WA, specializing in decals for the Alaska Railroad
 San Juan Decals - Narrow Gauge & S.P. Engine Decals
 Shawmut Car Shops - Custom Paint and Decal Engines and Rolling Stock for your Scale Railroad
 ShellScale, Troutville, VA. Norfolk Southern decals
 Shoreline Decals - Decals for traction modelers

 Solid Design - custom decals for rolling stock and structures
 Speedwitch freight car decals by Ted Culotta
 Streamstyle Graphics - Mainly Milwaukee Road and Illinois Central Decals
 SWITCH YARD DECALS, Midwestern Road Names
 Thinfilm Decals, Western standard and narrow gauge roadnames in HO, S, and O
 Todd Thornberry, T2 Decals - HO- and N-scale graffiti, circus sideshow, and "ghost" building sign decals
 Toy Train Decals - Lionel, American Flyer, etc.
 Mark E. Vaughan HO Decals - Midwestern Roads - Available from DesPlaines Hobbies (Chicago)
 Wabash Custom Decals - Mark E. Vaughan HO Decals - Midwestern Roads - His Own Web Site
 Westerfield Models - Decals available for all of their kits
 Woodland Scenics, N and HO dry transfers for buildings and rolling stock. Also assorted alphabet sets in a variety of colors, sizes, and fonts.

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