Railroad Drawings

We specialize in plans for motive power, rolling stock, and structures (both railroad and off-line) for: 

Narrow gauge
Short line


We have over 2,000 plans from over 40 different draftsman (No “draftspersons” here, it’s all guys!).  Most of the plans are for operations in the United States and Canada. 

We have a catalog that contains descriptions and prices for all of these plans.  Most of the plans are drawn in quarter-inch (You can resize them as required to meet your modeling needs.).  Some plans contain a great amount of detail, others just one or two measurements.  Most of the plans are black on white; there are some blue lines and a few blueprints.  We have many plans that are only available from us.  We do not have any track plans, model or prototype.  To receive our catalog, send $2.00 (in cash, check, IRC, money order, or stamps) to the: 

Underground Railway Press
P. O. Box 814QS
Brevard, NC 28712-0814